Reach thousands of buyers with Email & SMS

Become a
digital channel partner to developers.

  • channel-partner-one
    Get their
    shared content
  • channel-partner-two
    Real time pricing
    and availability
  • Schedule
    site visits
  • channel-partner-three
    Take bookings.

Manage your property database

  • real-estate-tools
    Easy to use property management tool
  • real-estate-house
    Manage residential projects, commercial projects, plots and more.
  • camera
    Take photos with mobile and upload directly to the database
  • real-estate-sync
    Seamlessly synchronize data on all your devices

Lead Management

  • Simple to use lead acquisition and nurturing tools.
  • Available on mobile. No Internet connection required.
  • Score Leads on the basis of interests shown and interactions made.
  • Ensure personal attention with customized mails and notifications for every lead.

Safely and securely

Share properties with other brokers
or your association

  • Share data with other brokers or your MLS over a secure, private channel.
  • Ensure confidentiality by sharing only specific details about a property while keeping others private.

Deliver interactive 3D Presentations on your tablet.

Supports multiple types of projects- Apartments, Bungalows, Villas, Plots.

Work Offline

Our databases have 99.9% up-time. Your data is always online and available.

  • Add leads, present properties, update database, all without an Internet connection.
  • Syncs instantly with server upon detecting an Internet connection so your data is backed up.

Scheduling & Appointments

Schedule site visits and client appointments, on your own calendar, as well as builders', clients' and other brokers' calendars for which you have permissions.



Get a deep understanding of buyers' needs by automatic analysis of their interactions. Understand the most popular configurations, localities and the best time to call.

Reporting & Insights

Over 50 reports available out of the box. Get reports on everything from commissions to leads, to pending followups.


Cloud Telephony

  • Call clients directly from the app. Each call is automatically logged. Optionally add notes during a call.
  • Record calls for analysis and insights on client interactions.
  • Review the call history for your entire team. Gain insights and make adjustments to your sales strategy.

Team Management

  • Create teams by project, territory or any other criteria you desire.
  • Assign properties, tasks and leads to team members and track their progress.

Task Management

Quickly create tasks to organize your day. Create tasks to manage site visits, documentation, follow-up, calls, and much more.


Transaction Management

  • Generate quotes for a property and Email it directly to the client for review.
  • Store agreements in electronic format from builders, and get notified when they are updated.
  • Automatically generate reminders and send to clients for pending documentation or invoices.

Website Integration.

Showcase your listings on your website.

  • Show much more than images. Publish videos and interactive 3D on your website for visitors to interact with.
  • Track their behaviour and interactions using the same deep analytics available on the rest of the platform.
  • Add new Leads and take bookings directly from your website. Score leads and know which ones are ready to buy.

Share with your customer.

Instantly share property

information and establish a live link with your customer.

  • Quickly share data instantly with buyers via the Dwellar app. Share images , video, interactive 3D and more. All customers get instantly notified if you make updates.
  • Share as much, or as little data as you want to your clients, channel partners or investors.

Automatically send invoices

to clients and developers.

  • Create invoice templates for converted clients and associated developers.
  • Send automated invoices with commissions calculations and transaction details.


for real estate associations.

  • Associations can create their own Multiple Listing System (MLS) on the Dwellar platform.
  • Invite members to join.
  • Set rules of conduct, commissions and more.
  • Members can upload their own inventory and get access to the entire associations inventory securely and privately.
  • Members can schedule site visits and even take bookings for other members depending on permissions.