Sell faster with Dwellar

  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Booking
  • Share Content
  • Task Management
  • Data Security

Interactive 3D Presentations

  • real-i10
    View interactive 3D models of each building exterior as well as each interior unit type.
  • 360 degree panoramic views.
  • real-i12
    Showcase amenities with interactive hotspots and popups.
  • Home Planner & Vaastu Planner.
  • real-i14
    Investor Wizard.
  • real-i15
    Use deep analytics to track every interaction.
  • real-i16
    Gain actionable insights into demographics, income,
    interest levels and more.
  • generate-quote
    Generate Quotes and take instant Bookings.
  • crm-icon
    Fully integrated with CRM, Inventory and Payment Schemes.

Campaign Management

  • SMS
  • Email
  • TV Ads
  • Sales Centre
  • Newspaper
  • Events
  • Google Adsense
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Youtube Video Ads

Channel Partner Management

  • Onboard thousands of channel partners simultaneously with online applications.
  • Provide customized discounts and commission rates for each channel partner.
  • Assign only the inventory you want.
  • Track a variety of metrics for each channel partner such as sales, leads, and more.

Deep Analytics

Dwellar tracks hundreds of data points behind the scenes to provide deep insights into your customers in real time.


Share Your Content

  • real-i18
    Create a unique E-brochure for every client, on demand!
  • real-i19
    Save over 50% on print costs.
  • real-i20
    Securely share content, updates, and offers to clients' mobile devices. Establish a personalized, ongoing connection with every lead with no programming!
  • real-i21
    Field level access permissions to ensure privacy and security.

Reports & Insights

  • enterprise-iocn-1
    Over 100 enterprise grade reports out of the box.
  • enterprise-iocn-2
    Gain vital revenue information from specific sources. Track which investment fetches you the most returns.
  • enterprise-iocn-3
    Share reports easily with your organization.
  • enterprise-iocn-4
    Get reports and notifications on your mobile.

Lead Management

  • /real-i01
    Manage thousands of leads with ease.
  • real-i22
    Use Lead Scoring to automatically identify top opportunities.

Cloud Telephony

  • enterprise-iocn-5
    Call clients directly from the mobile app. Each call is automatically logged. Optionally add notes during a call.
  • enterprise-iocn-6
    Record calls for analysis and insights on client interactions.
  • enterprise-iocn-7
    Review the call history for your entire team. Gain insights and make adjustments to your sales strategy.

Team Management

  • enterprise-iocn-8
    Create and manage unlimited number of teams.
  • enterprise-iocn-9
    Roles and permissions ensure that only the right teams have access to critical information.
  • enterprise-iocn-10
    Assign new leads automatically to teams based on custom rules.


  • enterprise
    A sophisticated booking engine that lets authorized users make bookings from kiosk, tablet, or mobile.
  • enterprise-iocn-11
    Full support for offers, discounts, rewards and more.
  • generate-quote
    Generate quotations and Emails straight from the application.

Agreements & Documentation

Make your entire operation paperless with our Agreements Engine! You can save customized templates and automatically generate Agreements, Demand Letters, Invoices, Inspection Requests and much more.


Payment Schemes

Do you have a unique payment plan for your customers? No problem! Dwellar will help you create and customize as many payment schemes as you need. Each payment scheme automatically calculates values for bookings, quotations and agreements.


Secure Customer Portal

No more waiting weeks for customers to submit their documentation. Now all your customers can sign up for a free Dwellar account and upload documentation straight on your portal. Your team gets notified instantly and business moves that much faster.


Inventory Management

Garden facing views? Multiple wings? Inventory aging? Special discounts? Joint apartments? Dwellar can handle it all. Use a sophisticated Inventory Management Module to generate hundreds of inventory units using simple rules, or simply upload your inventory using Excel.

Seamless Integrations

Already using a CRM or ERP? No problem. Dwellar provides integrations with most major CRM and ERP platforms. Contact us to learn more.

Enterprise Ready

  • inventory-management
    Encrypted databases & SSL transactions.
  • enterprise-iocn-14
    US and Singapore based data centres with 24x7 physical security.
  • enterprise-iocn-15
    Audit trail for every single action.
  • enterprise-iocn-16
    99.9% uptime.
  • enterprise-iocn-17
    Hourly data backups.
  • enterprise-iocn-18
    Caching, CDN's and top of the line servers for blazing fast performance.
  • enterprise-iocn-19
    24x7 Support via Email, phone and remote assistance.
  • enterprise-iocn-20
    Dedicated account manager.