Which platforms is Dwellar available on?

Dwellar is available on all major platforms in high definition quality. Dwellar is touch-ready and can be used with any touch-screen enabled PC. It can also be deployed on any regular PC with Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS, Android tablets and phones as well as iPhone and iPad.

How do I communicate with my Channel Partners on Dwellar?

Dwellar gives you the ability to interact with thousands of Channel Partners in one go!
Once you are associated with us, you are a part of our Builder Directory, from which Channel Partners can register for partnership directly. Associated Channel Partners can then showcase your projects to the potential customers on their very own application.

Can my customers interact with Dwellar?

Yes! Dwellar can be used on your laptop, on large displays, on standalone kiosks, even on touch tables! These devices can be accessed by your potential customers at Sales Centres or exhibitions.

How many projects can I manage with Dwellar?

You can add as many projects as you want in Dwellar. Every detail can be managed from a centralized content management portal.

Will I be able to migrate my existing data ?

Yes! We can help you migrate all of your historic data onto our secure database servers.

I already have a CRM/ERP. Will Dwellar integrate with that?

Dwellar provides integrations with most major CRM & ERP systems.

What kind of Training and Support do you offer, should I choose to adopt Dwellar?

A full training framework is ready for your organization to help you with every detail about the software. We have a 24x7 Customer Support System to help you with any and all queries. There will be a dedicated account manager assigned to your organization at all times.

If I subscribe to Dwellar, will I get all the updates for free?

As long as you have an active Dwellar subscription, all the updates that we release are made available to you for free! We provide monthly updates to all of our clients, which include free upgrades and exciting new features.

How much time will it take to get my content and data into Dwellar?

If your content is ready, a customized Dwellar setup for your organization can take as little as three weeks. All of your data will be synched and ready for presentation as soon as the application is deployed.

Does Dwellar offer customization for my specific organization?

We provide customization for your application as per your needs. Your dedicated Account Manager will be available at all times provide you with necessary customization details.

How can I see the developers' projects?

You can choose to apply to the developers you wish to associate with. Once you are associated with them, Dwellar enables you to present the developers' data to all your potential clients. This includes reach, interactive presentations in full 3D, site visit scheduling, E-brochures and much more.

How can I share data with my potential clients?

The Dwellar application provides you with the ability to share data directly with your customers, privately and securely. They just need to download the free Dwellar app. They can then chat with you, view property details you share, schedule a site visit etc.

How does Lead Management work on Dwellar?

Dwellar provides a complete CRM with automated Lead Management, Scheduling, Lead Scoring and more.

How secure are your database servers?

All your data is stored in physical data centres located in Singapore and the USA. These data centres are owned by Microsoft and have passed every security certification needed. In addition, our databases are encrypted for further security.

How do I schedule site visits?

Site visits can directly be scheduled from the application once the client shows interest. The developer will receive a notification regarding your request for the site visit. Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar is supported.

Can I take bookings using Dwellar?

Yes! Bookings can be taken directly from your application for your own properties or for properties where you are a Channel Partner.

Why do I need Dwellar?

Dwellar is your digital identity manager. You can securely store your personal details in Dwellar, and then instantly transmit them to builders or brokers, at your discretion. Dwellar removes the hassle of paperwork associated with buying a property and makes the whole process much easier.

What else can Dwellar do for me?

Use Dwellar to directly request rich, interactive presentations directly from developers and brokers. You can store your favourite properties, share them, get automatic updates, schedule site visits, and lots more.

Does Dwellar help after I purchase a property?

Yes! You can instantly upload documents like KYC, view quotes, Agreements, Demand Letters and more, chat with customer service and do a variety of other actions with the application.